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Flexible Finance on Your Terms

Get access to a more flexible funding solution; paid back only when your customers pay you. There’s just one single cost that’s agreed upfront – no fixed monthly payments and no hidden fees or penalties. Ever



Get started in just a few minutes, and a decision in less than 24 hours. So you can get back to focusing on growing your business, rather than filling out paperwork.



With just one pre-agreed, fixed cost you can plan ahead with confidence; knowing that the repayments will take care of themselves with no penalties or hidden charges. Ever.



Instead of fixed monthly payments you only pay us when your customers pay you. Your repayments are based on an agreed percentage of your future customer card transactions.



The funds can be used for any of your business needs. And, working directly in line with your cashflow, your repayments will flex as your sales do!


How it Works

The Repayments

The Process


1. Apply for the amount of funding your business requires – up to a maximum of 100% of your average monthly card takings is available


2. We will get back to you with a quick decision.


3. Repayments are taken from your daily takings at an agreed percentage split, paid back only when your customers pay you.


You must be in business for at least a year. Your business accepts card payments via a card machine.

If you know your monthly card payment turnover, this will give you an estimate to the size of advance you could receive. Typically, you can get an advance that is equivalent to100% of your monthly card turnover e.g. a monthly card turnover of €10,000 will equal €10,000 advance.

Once your advance has been funded, the repayment process begins automatically. From this point on, whenever one of your customers pays you on card, a small percentage of that sale will go towards paying off your advance.

The flat percentage value is agreed before the point of funding and will stay the same regardless of the transaction value.

For example, if it’s 5%, it will be 5% of a €10 sale or a €1,000 sale. The repayment value flexes to the size of the transaction. This process will repeat until the advance is fully repaid.

A Cash Advance will typically take an average of 9 months to repay, but this may vary depending on the size of your advance and the frequency & value of card transactions being paid to your business.

1. Complete Online Application – details will be submitted to our fund partner YouLend

2. Review & Approve – most applications are reviewed and approved within a few days

3. Receive payment

About YouLend

YouLend provides a flexible finance facility called the YouLend Loan Advance. A YouLend Loan Advance is an unsecured facility of between €3,000 and €250,000.

The advance is repaid as a flat percentage of your future card transactions. You will have clear control with a one-off fee agreed upfront and no additional fees. There is also a borrower account provided, which is a unique online interface allowing 24/7 access to check loan status, overview bank account, request renewals or ask a question.

Application is subject to final approval. You should carefully consider the total cost of finance to ensure that you can afford the advance alongside your business expenses.
The pricing may be subject to change. This product is provided by Youlend.

No fixed monthly payments and no hidden fees or penalties. Ever.

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